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  • What is NNLiving?

    We started out wanting to create free neighborhood websites that would allow each person or family the opportunity to see what's going on in their neighborhood and around the world. The only site they would need to go to for all their frequently used websites or applications.

    Using our state-of-the-art Crimewatch Widgets, users can keep their family safe with a direct link to their local law enforcement. Users can also post anonymous tips directly to their police department regarding suspicious activity in the area.

    Our SmartPage is the family's fully-customizable, portal to the internet.

  • What's on NNLiving?

    Your fully customizable online personal info center.

    • Dashboard look and feel
    • Add widgets and tabs to customize your page
    • Crimewatch alerts from local law enforcement
    • Family Calendar
    • Savings at local businesses
    • All your most frequently used websites all on your homepage
    • And much much more!

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  • Powerful and Easy-to-Use Group Widget!

    Are you pulling your hair out because you're part of a group that lacks in efficient communication and collaboration?
    Don't miss an event, misplace files, or be left wondering about some important info for your group EVER again.

    NNLiving's groups widget is an easy-to-use tool that allows users to share news, files/photos, calendar events, and more. From sports teams to garden clubs, this tool allows for seamless collaboration and communication between your groups.

    Join today to get started using the groups widget!
  • Who uses Groups?

    Groups Widget can be used by any group..

    • Sports Teams
    • Boyscouts
    • Girlscouts
    • HOA Groups
    • Neighborhood Watch Groups
    • And much much more!

    Guaranteed to improve communication and collaboration within your group.
    Receive email alerts when something happens in your group!
    Be part of an unlimited amount of groups.

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